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David Fahim

Computer Scientist

Full Stack Developer

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Hello, world. My name is David Fahim. I am an aspiring computer scientist. I enjoy spending my free time running (cross country), studying computer science, and programming. I am a full stack developer and currently specialize in web development. I love mentoring and teaching others about computer science. I am very passionate about computers and am especially fascinated by virtual reality social networking (or the "metaverse"). I see the metaverse as a decentralized, open-source platform. I aspire to build that reality (or virtual reality), and in the process, expand my knowledge of computer science.

  • Favorite Music Genre: Synthwave
  • Hobbies/Interests: Cross country, computer science, the metaverse (AR, VR, XR)
  • Birthdate: September 21, 2006

Areas of Expertise

I specialize in...

  Google Cloud      HTML, CSS, and JS      Node.js      OpenAPI      PostgreSQL      Progressive Web Apps      RESTful APIs      TypeScript      XR (Virtual/Augmented Reality)    

I am experienced in...

  Artificial Intelligence      Cybersecurity      Firebase      Java      Linux (Fedora, Debian, Kali, Arch)      MySQL      Python      Virtualization    

I am proficient in...

  C      Docker      Git      Three.js    

I am currently learning...

  Ethical Hacking in Kali Linux      Kubernetes      Rust    


Date Title Info Options
N/A Portfolio All public projects on my profile View 
April 4, 2023BWSI Medlytics CertificateMy MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute Medlytics certificate.View 
March 9, 2023BWSI Git CertificateMy MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute Version Control (Git) certificate.View 
March 9, 2023BWSI Python CertificateMy MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute Python certificate.View 
September 1, 2022SBSSSpine & Brain Surgery Specialists
  Client Project    
June 30, 2022MTIFA non-profit organization dedicated to increasing digital accessibility and promoting diversity in the technology industry.View 
June 28, 2022Cheating Detection SimulationA statistical simulation of cheaters in a coin flip game. Determines the minimum number of coin flips and ideal statistical power to find cheaters in a variety of conditions given user-generated constraints.View 
May 25, 2022Voices of SilenceHolocaust Memorial Virtual Reality ExperienceView 
April 28, 2022The Game of NimA console game inspired by the first computer game created in 1940, Nimrod and Nimatron. It's mathematically impossible to beat the computer!View 
August 29, 2021CS50 CertificateMy Harvard computer science certificate.View 
August 29, 2021CS50 PortfolioMy portfolio of solutions to Harvard CS50 problem sets.View 
July 15, 2021ExecAssist.ioExecutive dysfunction assistance app
  Open Source    
June 11, 2021CloudVMUse a x86 32-bit virtual machine in your browser powered by WebAssembly (Run Linux, Windows, and more!).
  Open Source    
May 21, 2021ProxyA proxy that includes special compatibility with YouTube.
  Open Source    
May 16, 2021Remote WorkstationRemotely access a powerful PC in the cloud for free.Open 
May 14, 2021Face AnalyzeEasily utilize a facial recognition neural network directly in your browser.
  Open Source    
May 6, 2021VR LectureMy lecture on virtual reality for my 8th grade independent study project.View 
May 5, 2021RecogAppAn emotion and speech recognition tool for ASD.View 
April 25, 2021Trajectory CalculatorA quadratic calculator for my math teachers to grade tests.View 
April 12, 2021Discord Music BotUsed by hundreds users daily to play music in Discord calls.View 
April 9, 2021Free VPNA VPN I created that used the OpenVPN protocol. Stay safe on the internet at up to 1000 mbps.Open 
April 1, 2021VR PaperMy virtual reality report for my 8th grade independent study project.View 
March 3, 2021150000 Digits of PiApproximately 150000 Digits of Pi calculated on my server.View 
February 6, 2021Clever AIHave a voice chat with an AI in your browser.View 
March 30, 2018Electronic MusicA YouTube channel where I uploaded electronic music I created from 2018 to 2019.View 
Coming SoonAutoInvest AIA free stock/crypto predictor and automatic investment AI.
  Open Source    


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